Top Islamic channel with over 2MILLION Subs being taken down by Youtube | Is Illuminati behind it?


is illuminati behind it?

People who are surfing the internet for a while could have come across a topic known as Article 13 from EU which has caused and still on the verge of creating a controversial issue over the Internet. You may ask, how it is related to the Illuminati?

Well if you don’t know what or who Illuminati is, then you are probably living under a rock. The Illuminati means merely “enlightened” there are many branches which located within the mystery schools and many secret societies. The upper ranks of these branches are the Illuminati.

There have been rumors that they are watching all the people in and out and they are monitoring the internet. If it is legit, we should understand that ALLAH(SWT) is only superior being watching us even if they are watching us then they should realize that ALLAH(SWT) is watching them and ALLAH(SWT) knows what they are doing secretly.

So if you put this theory of Illuminati in the topic of Article 13 from EU, then it fits right in. We can clearly say that Illuminati is controlling the internet. Now coming to the critical part where it all links up.


The top and most favorite Islamic YouTube channel “Merciful Servant” with over 2 Million subscribers with 394,516,239 views and counting. They are facing big trouble on the YouTube platform. A few days ago their channel got taken down by YouTube, and somehow they got their channel back live within a few hours.

Merciful Servant

Credits to Merciful Servant Super Chat feature being removed

After that few things like super chat feature is being removed and their whole content got demonetized as reported by them. Article 13 from the EU plays a significant role in it. The main reason is to narrow up the online community by giving chances for only creative content creators, and it also states that reusable content is not allowed like memes and voice over clips, etc. This is the statement that they gave for that Article 13. Nobody known what is the hidden motive behind this only ALLAH(SWT) knows the best.

Credits to Merciful Servant videos been Demonetized

There are many Islamic & Non-Islamic channels on YouTube facing this kind of problems. The freedom of speech over the internet is being snatched away on the platforms like YouTube. Few of the channels were annihilated. Gossip and Music is being promoted highly and Channels like this are being ripped apart.


They are making a great effort to create their own platform and help all other Muslim channels too. As they said YouTube is changing to MyTube were others decided what we want to create and what we want to watch. The freedom is being slowly pulled away.

As Muslims we should stand strong and help each other in hardship. May ALLAH(SWT) help us, protect us and guide this Ummah in right way and don’t forget to Keep It Halal for the sake of ALLAH(SWT)

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