Aisha(RA) wife of the PROPHET(PBUH) the woman of KNOWLEDGE, COURAGE, KINDNESS, GENEROSITY, etc.. Prophet(PBUH) loved her the most and the love and affection between them is no match for today’s love. May ALLAH(SWT) bless them both.. AMEEN

One thing we should understand that we are talking about our mother. Aisha(RA) is the mother of this Ummah. Without her, we could not know our religion this deep. Through her, we received many Hadiths. Aisha(RA) guided us as a Mother could guide her child. She was a filled with the knowledge of haram and halal and about other things too.

Aisha(RA) with Prophet(PBUH) went through some tough times where they could go without eating for days. Prophet(SAW) and Aisha(RA) ate and survived with dates and water where there was no food in their home. Our mother Aisha(RA) lived a life of true MUSLIMAH may ALLAH(SWT) bless them both AMEEN and don’t forget to Keep It Halal.

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